R10-F Plaster Profile

LED Stucco / Plaster profile with reflector-wing for indirect lighting using LED stripes



  • LED Profile for surface lighting
  • Can be easily mounted on brick walls using mounting adhesives or screw anchors
  • With a built-in peel bar for flush peeling of the stucco / plaster, min. thickness of the stucco 19 mm
  • Use a diffusor/cover profile for more diffuse light (see accessories)
  • The curved reflector provides a very soft, indirect flow of light


Art. Nr.Artikel
Zink sheet metal profile STA 1203 NA/ t= 0,63
R10-F stucco/plaster Profile / 2,0 m / Approx. 1870 g /inkl Grundierung und Vliesbeschichtung