The history of our company begins in 1996 with the founding of “B&M Bleisteiner & Meier” drywall construction GbR. In 2007, “B&M” went separate ways, and the dry wall construction company “Der Meier” originated.

In 2008, the first prototype of our LED profiles was developed.

Working on this idea took a lot of time and thus Jean Zentgraf entered the company to provide for the necessary support.

By the changing area of thought, another name was soon necessary and in 2011,  “Der Meier” became the new name of, “LED Profilelement GmbH” with both managers Norbert Meier and Jean Zentgraf.

The company grew and it came fast to cooperation’s with the companies Hera and CHF, as well as LedXon and Scheiber.

Different fairs and prizes followed and history takes her run …